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When Mom Moves In…

Our lives are full of seasons.  We begin with infancy, childhood, adulthood and end as a senior.  Families come together, in differing seasons for various reasons.  One that most women go through is sorting through their mother’s, father’s, grandparents and extended families items.

It is so much worse when it’s done after a sudden and emotional death.  In this case, I am helping my best friend go through the items her mother has accumulated over the years.  Items that were her mother’s parent’s, some from her childhood, throughout her marriage, after the death of her spouse as well as retirement.  This is one of the jobs I enjoy so much.

As we go through linens, china, glass and metal ware not only do I hear their deliberations on whether to keep/sell/trash the items, but the rich history this family has.  I mainly sell current men’s and women’s fashion, but my true love is lifetime treasures.

At times, it seem overwhelming because of the amount of memories we have to go through.  Roomfuls that are not sorted in any certain way, though I suspect if I asked either one of the ladies they would know exactly where the piece is.  For someone who has never done this before, it is good to have an experienced friend to help.  I am detached from all of the items and worry sometimes that I sound “cold.”

There are times though, when the decisions are heart-wrenching.  Do memories trump cash?  Does the extra space mean more than the memories that the space takes up?  Will they regret the decision years later.  I cannot see into the future and don’t own a crystal ball.  All I can do is give them is an estimate if the item was sold today.    I encourage them not to try to second guess themselves; that the first thought is usually the best one.

This particular family has a good repore with one another and the mother-daughter relationship is especially close.  The only real discourse has been to keep an item which is full of memories and try to find a place for it or to sell it for a large amount of money.  If kept, to pass it down to future generations with an explanation on the history of said item.

The greatest amount of stress seems to be the timeline that has been attached to the project.  We always have good intentions but we do not realize how long it takes to go through each item.  I assure we will get it done and I never suggest blindly throwing boxes into a dumpster without a thorough going through.  While it might move things along quicker, it is not getting the job done.  It is giving into stress and essentially giving up on the project.

Once this is all over, the family be satisfied and relieved.  They’ve kept the best items, sold/donated/threw away the others and have much more organization and room.  The time was well spent, sharing memories and stories that can be passed down.  Best of all, the knowledge that while there is a great amount of change the family can truly settle in again, when mom moves in.

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Combining Business with Pleasure

We left our assistants, cats and husbands and hit the highway early this morning.  After a few bathroom breaks and numerous construction delays, we finally arrived at Paradise.

Paradise is an AirBnB located between OshKosh and Appleton, Wisconsin.  A renovated Queen Anne Attic Oasis amongst rolling hills, creeks and trees.  The view is incredible.

The sounds are soothing.  Chickens in a coop clucking, the slow moving creek hitting the rocks and the dairy cattle nearby make a relaxing symphony.


After a home cooked meal my sister and I collapsed on the couch.

Windows open, TV on, avoiding any notifications that remind us of work, we should be 100% for sourcing tomorrow.


After that, a beach calls our name…


Jewels for the Pauper

Where everything is fit for a queen




Priced for a Pauper.

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Wisconsin – The Official Dairy Item – CHEESE!!

The Wisconsin Assembly, this week, approved a bill that would make CHEESE the official state Dairy Product.  Exciting?  Only if you like cheese and happen to be travelling to Wisconsin on Monday.

The only GoodWill Outlet in the state of Wisconsin is in Appleton, just north of OshKosh.  It has gotten very good reviews.  I am hoping the fact that it’s summertime that people will be attending garage sales, leaving prime inventory to sit at the regional GoodWills.

We found an AirBNB in Larsen, just south and west of Appleton.  A gorgous Victorian Farmhouse, in the middle of nowhere.  The hostess just messaged me about extra linens, food in the refrigerator and the keycode.  Big comfortable beds, comfy couch, wi-fi, trails and dirt roads give me a sense of total relaxation.

Lake Winnebago is not far and boasts 3 beaches.  I forsee a beach chair, sand between my toes and a Kindle Book included in this sourcing trip.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.  After Memorial Day and before July 4th.  Ebay Sales slow down (supposedly) and it’s time to focus (believe it or not) on 4th Quarter stock.  Time to source along with time to relax.

Stay Tuned for:

  • Moving into the new office on Main Street
  • 10 Day Family Cleanout
  • Deadwood and Mount Rushmore Trip
  • Going home to Kansas for my Birthday



Where everything is fit for a queen


Priced for a pauper.

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The Holidays are Over…Time to Get To Work!

The longest holiday season of the year, October 31-January 1, is finally over.

If you are working for someone else, it’s a day of football and a paid day off.  If you are an entrepreneur reseller, it was a day to kick into high gear.

As a side-note, GaryVee posted on Instagram around 6am and I was proud to reply that I began listing at 5am.  There are too many opportunities to sleep in!

Here is what I did:

  • Finished the laundry, did the dishes showered.
  • Drafted 38 items.  They were mostly Career and Spring.
  • Took Pictures
  • They wouldn’t upload to Amazon Prime, so I drafted a few more.
  • Put all items that are holiday on deep discounted clearance with free shipping.  At this point, it is better that they are out of my house then store them another year.
  • The listings that had ended, I went through and changed titles with better keywords.
  • Accepting any reasonable offer.  It is too late to hope for high dollar.  People are looking for a deal.
  • Searched for all of my formal dresses purchased over the year.  This is the month that girls are looking for the perfect prom dress.  It is also a time when women are taking cruises where certains sections require formal wear.
  • Shared, liked and followed on various platforms.
  • Sitting on the couch, warm electric blanket, Lipton Natural Energy, filling out my Happy Planner and blogging.
  • 11 hours

I like the holidays, but after a while I just wish for things to go back to normal!


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Where the items are Fit for a Queen


Priced for the Pauper!