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Confessions of a Hoarder

Google defines hoarding as an act of amassing valuable items for future use.  Right under that definition was the definition for hoarding disorder.  I promise that my home will not be portrayed this year on an episode of “The Hoarders.” Nor will it be in “Better Homes and Gardens.” What I have is more like a collections of items.

Is there a difference?  Do the number of items matter; or, do the type of items?  I don’t believe it is a case of “this woman’s collection can be another woman’s garbage.”  Could it be clutter?  It absolutely could be if the items aren’t out for display.  Worse yet, if the items are stored neatly in a box or cupboard and not in use.

A perfect example is my collection of Tupperware.  My cupboards were filled with vintage pieces.   I was constantly adding to the collection as well as using the pieces.  Everything seemed perfect until I found many were not stackable, odd sized and not for use in the microwave.  They were literally falling out of my cupboards!

This collection turned into clutter.  Fast forward, I sold the items on Ebay or donated it.  I did keep a few pieces that were my mother’s.  Today, I have stackable containers that don’t fall out of cupboards.

I own a collection of depression era jade glassware which was given to me by a close friend. I have it prominently displayed along with my grandmother’s and great-grandmother’s doilies.  They are really lovely to look at.

This, to me, is a collection.  However, I fear that my children will find it clutter and toss it.  What does one do with this type of collection that I believe is not clutter?

Last, I have a collection of mid-century dress patterns.  I know I will never use them.  I haven’t figured out a way to display them and they are neatly stored in a box.  This is hoarding.

I’ve decided to sell this collection on Etsy.  I really hate to as they are a piece of history that can never be replaced and I have enjoyed the time it took to collect them. A hoard is a hoard and hoarding can be looked at as selfish.

What type of collections do you have?  One that is displayed?  One whose use has expired and is now clutter?  One that has turned into a hoard?  Whatever the collection is, it meant something to us at one time.

What you do with your collection defines what it truly is and what it’s future will be.


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The Perfect Prom Dress – The Hunt Begins

When I first started reselling, the only items I wanted to sell were formal gowns.  I love vintage gowns from 1950-1970.  I could buy them cheap, remove the stains, repair a few flaws and sell them at a ridiculously high gross profit!

Once a month….

So, 10 months out of the year I list items that will sell daily.  However, January 15-March 15, I will list the gowns I have purchased throughout the year.  I also list 1St Communion and Easter Dresses.

The trending prom dresses for 2017 are A-line with a train or a 2 piece.  Sequins and glitter complete the effect and the are definitely not understated.

You might think that there is no way a girl would buy her prom dress second-hand on EBay.  Think again because the girls who have purchased from me have said they had a limited budget, a hard to find size, or simply wanted to wear something that no one else would.

I price my dresses on EBay under $50 with free shipping.  I cross-post on Poshmark at around $70, expecting to sell at $50.

Throughout the year, I try to find sizes 14 and above.  Most of the time, bridal and formal dress shops cater to the 00-9 girl, and order large sizes on an ‘as needed’ basis.  A deposit is requested and kept if the girl doesn’t purchase the dress.  Because of this, I promote my 30 day return policy and they only pay shipping to send it back to me.

Some girls just don’t want to adhere to the trending fashion.  They want a one-of-a-kind dress that no one else will be wearing.  There is nothing more embarrassing to these girls than to have the same dress as 4 other girls.  No one feels flattered.

The last few years, I have gotten messages from schools arranging for free prom dresses.  They offer to pay shipping and I always participate.  I receive thank you notes and pictures from the girls and that is worth so much more than the $50 I might have gotten.

So, for the next few months I will be focusing on my original niche that truly enjoy.  By March, my ‘stash’ of dresses will be gone and I will be on the look out for next year!

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