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Sunday – Planner Day

Last year I wrote a Blog about my Happy Planner.  If you don’t know what one is, just Google it.  When I did my blog, I thought they were sold specifically at Michael’s.  In the last week, I’ve seen them at JoAnn Fabrics and was told that select ones are 70% off at Target.

I was a planner gal way back in the 1980’s when you actually mail ordered these books.  The company (At A Glance) would mail you next year’s in October, along with any other type of sheets.  It was very business-like.  No stickers.  It was a 5 ring binder that totally organized your business life, and let you squeeze in a bit of your personal life.  You literally had only 3 choices of leatherette colors.

Today there are so many types of planners, that you can find one to fit any lifestyle.  I chose The Happy Planner for quite a few reasons.  The first was that I could make it any way I wished.  You can simply slip sheets in and out to organize it the way you wish.  You can focus on a year, a month, a week or even a day on one sheet.  There are many sticker books available on just about any subject you can think of as well as page markers, craft tape and other accessories.

I have chosen to focus a week at a time, on 2 pages.  I also insert a blank page in between so I can journal daily.  Each Sunday, I take time out to organize the upcoming week.  It takes about 30 minutes, and saves me a lot of time and anxiety.

First thing I do is decide on the week’s theme.  The stickers you buy, along with the crafting tape help you do this.  I focused on Being Grateful with my religious sticker pack and coordinated the colors (orange this week) with crafting tape.  I like writing with gel pens, so I use a color that is highlighted in the tape (brown this week).  It just so happens that all are fall colors.

After setting my week up, I look to see what this week’s activities are.  For instance this week, my husband has a meeting this Tuesday night which means we will need to have a crock pot meal that is ready as soon as he gets home.  I have appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morning, so my meal prep will need to be done in the afternoon. I have found that deciding on your menu not only takes a lot of stress out of your week, but on busy nights dinner can be so easy.  This week I learned I should also look at the weather when deciding on a meal, so my family isn’t eating mexican soup when it’s so hot and humid!

This week, we’ll have hot beef sandwiches, pork chops, leftovers (garbage night), Chicken Legs and 3 cheese Zita (meatless Friday).  I make sure that Monday is easy and I have all of the ingredients for it.  I make a list of items I will need throughout the week and will pick them up Tuesday, on my way home from Mass. No extra trips needed.  No panic when 3pm hits and I don’t have dinner figured out. No missing ingredients or substitutes.

I realize that I am able to start dinner much easier than women who work outside the home.  By planning, shopping for ingredients, and crock potting on busy nights this helps whenever you are able to be home and start a meal.

Lastly, I make attainable goals for the week.  For instance, Laundry and light house cleaning is in my planner each Monday.  I make easy goals for my business on Tuesday – Friday. All work will need to be done in the office due to the heat in the attic.  I don’t think it’s too far out to think that I can have a prototype cut out by Friday afternoon.  I write that down and decide what will need to be done Tuesday-Thursday in order to attain that goal.  After writing that down, I literally have my week planned, right down to the last entrée.

The first time, it might take a couple of hours to complete all of this in your planner but it is well spent. If your life is chaos and you’re constantly on the move, a planner can make life so much easier.  If your kids are older, you can encourage them to tell you each Sunday what activities they have.  Don’t forget your husband’s schedule as well. This keeps chaos to a minimum if the whole family.

So the next weeknight, you find yourself standing there at 6:30pm with nothing defrosted and your child informing you he has a game at 7pm…. Remember that all of this could have gone better if you just taken 30 minutes and organized it in your happy planner.




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Being Content with What You Have

If you are not content today,

there is nothing you can buy

this weekend to change that.

I read this as I raced through my Facebook this morning.  It really said everything I wanted to write about today.  One sentence that says it all.  I could begin and end today’s blog with a minimal amount of lines, compacted in 17 words. However, let me elaborate.

I’m not to proposing you avoid going to the grocery store.  Most of us need to shop for food at least once a week.  I’ve read books on ‘Once a Month Cooking’ or even prepping your food on Sundays.  It is possible to wait for what you ‘want,’ but impossible to avoid getting things you ‘need.’

Let’s talk more about things you want.  We make plans to buy a widget, think a bit about if we can live without it and ultimately save the money to purchase it.  This is a planned purchase and not what is causing your house to be cluttered.  It is the multiple unplanned purchases that you have made that is one of the causes of clutter.

Here is an example from my home. I have an admission to make.  I own 5 vacuums.  Yes, that is right.  FIVE.  How in the world did this happen?

  • One vacuum was my daughter’s when she was in college.  I fixed it, but she had already bought one to replace it.
  • The second vacuum is a vintage Electrolux canister.  I used that for my wood and tile floors, as well as cobwebs in the corners, etc.
  • The third is a Hoover upright that I used for my carpet.
  • The fourth is another Hoover upright that is perfect for pet hair on hard wood.
  • The fifth is a german made canister unit that I found new with tags at a thrift store this past spring.  I absolutely love it and it has replaced all of my vacuums.

This problem seems easy to solve.  I should just get rid of the first four vacuums, right?  Here is what I found out after purchasing (without saving, planning or needing) the fifth machine.  Our garbage service does not accept anything that has a motor and/or electrical cord.  Several larger thrift/rummage stores do not accept vacuums.  I would not feel right about selling them as they are all over 5 years old and we have pets.

If I had known all of this, I probably would have thought twice about purchasing the last vacuum.  I would have questioned myself a bit more on whether I really needed it or not.  I would have investigated on how to get rid of my four vacuums before buying the fifth

This is one extreme example of how clutter in the home happens; and worse yet, the inability to purge it.  We purchase things because we want to ‘upgrade.’  We purchase items to replace something that doesn’t work as well.  We purchase stuff that we have forgotten we already have or misplaced.  It goes back to buying clutter we want and do not need.

If you are battling the never-ending war on clutter in your home, take some time this weekend before purchasing stuff without thinking about if it is truly needed.  Pat yourself on the back.  Put the money saved in a jar for a rainy day fund.   Better yet, for your next vacation!




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The Heat is Back

No, it is not Indian Summer here in Central Illinois.  We were getting spoiled with weather in the 50-70 degrees; and, windows open day and night.  I shouldn’t complain as I’m not in the path of Hurricane Florence.  I just prefer the winter over the summer.  The more snow we get, the happier I am.

I’m obviously NOT working up in the attic today and I missed going up there in the early morning, when it was cool.  I had an appointment this morning, then travel to the next town to go grocery shopping.  I live in a small town that is without a grocery store, so I travel about 10 miles to pick up some items needed for dinner.  While there, I met up with friends and had lunch at their local fast food joint.  By the time I got home, the attic was way too hot.

I worked a bit on my office.  After a while, I needed to change gears.  I realized I had never pulled out the instructions on the Vintage Simplicity pattern.  It was as I thought.  One of the possibilities does not have ruffles, so I can use that for my male or uni-sex aprons.  The instructions are easy and straightforward.  Ditto for the instructions on the adult bib patterns.

I looked at the menu on my calendar.  Then I realized when making it up, I assumed the weather would remain cool.  85 degrees and we are having mexican tortillini soup, cornbread and….wait for it…..Pumpkin Bread for dessert.  It’s mid September, the leaves are falling; and, not too early for fall favorites.  However, it doesn’t fit with the weather and the central air running.

It’s Friday!  What are your plans for the weekend?  We are babysitting our son’s dog (grand-puppy) and I’ll continue purging the office.  I’m determined to have it done before Friday of next week, when the heat is supposed to finally break. After that, I can start designing my first prototype apron and bib!

Everyone have a great weekend and we hope those of you affected by Florence are safe and you receive all assistance needed.


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I had a Plan!

I am the proud owner of a Kenmore 1207 Sewing machine from 1971.  I’ve had one for more than 30 years.  I have not checked on or used it in a couple of years.  My plan for the day was to oil the motor, suck out the cobwebs, adjust the tension and get it ready to be used on a regular basis, again.

However, the best laid plans don’t always come to fruition.  After oiling the motor and doing some general cleaning, I was ready to thread the machine.  I ran into a minor problem; the bobbin case is missing!  It’s not like you have them lying around in your sewing case.  So, off we went to the city to pick up one.  Honestly, how hard could this be???

Well, it’s Labor Day and the temperature is hot with the humidity at an all time high.  I was not the only person thinking I could run in and out; and, within moments my chore would be complete.  The weather was miserable and the stores were full.

My husband came with me and we went to JoAnn’s Fabric first.  I had a decent idea where one would be.  I could have replaced the belt, light bulb, pressure foot and zipper foot.  However, the slot for the bobbin case was empty.  So, we thought that we could get one at Hobby Lobby.

Off to Hobby Lobby with the same type of items but no bobbin case!  Ditto for Michaels and WalMart.  I cannot be the only person in the area to lose their bobbin case.  Then again, perhaps I should recommend that each of these stores carry them.

After picking up ingredients for dinner at Sam’s, we headed home.  In the time it took to drive home, I ordered a bobbin case from Amazon.  That problem is now solved.

I was with my husband the entire time.  While he was very helpful in trying to find the elusive bobbin case, he went to fast for me to see all of the lovely new things in store that are on sale!

All of the fall foliage at Hobby Lobby is 40% off.  JoAnn’s had quite a selection of Halloween decor up along with patterns for costumes.  Michaels (which is always a dangerous place for me to go in with a debit card), had 50% off their Happy Planners for next year.  I’ve had one the past 2 years and it is by far my favorite planner.

I’m stuck for the next few days and it didn’t go as planned, but at least I’m getting one.  Actually, I ordered two.  I’m not taking any chances!


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Happy Planner Stickers for Ebay Resellers #2017FlipChallenge

It’s an idea for someone who is much more artistic than I am.

It’s  Friday and the day I get together with my Sister to plan for next week.  We get our Planners out, along with markers and stickers and decide what is really important to accomplish next week.

As I was laying everything out last night, it struck me that none of my stickers had anything to do with reselling. I also wondered how far someone could go, without infringing on copyrights and such.

I did go as far as Googling my need, preparing myself to order these items I imagined…they are not out there.

Gary Vanerchuk (#GaryVee) has put out a challenge to flip items, totalling $20,170 by the end of 2017.  There is even an Instagram for the #2017FlipChallenge!

Stickers to adorn my #HappyPlanner that would have GaryVee’s inspiring words, would be so awesome!  What about a #HappyPlanner Chart that would record our progress?  Add to that, a selection of common #reseller tasks and rants, such as deathpiles, sourcing, photographing, listing totals, managing sales, or ideas!

If it is already out there,  lead me to it.  If it’s not and you are not artistically challenged, perhaps this coud be your next money-making project.  If this is a terrible idea, tell me in the comments!


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Happy Planner and Tea – Morning Wake Up

Good Morning!  It is the first business day of 2017!  For some, it is a wake up call that all of the festivities and vacations are over.  For others, it is a clean slate and promise for new and spectacular year!

Which group do you fall into?

Either way, you need a plan….which means you need a planner.

More than a quarter century ago I was in the corporate world and had a DayTimer.  It was a 5 ring, leatherette, monstrosity that held your life.  Everything from Phone numbers, business cards to grocery lists and budgets.  Think of it as your 8X10 SmarTphone.  In this instance though, if you lost it you couldn’t replace it and hope your contacts were in a cloud.  The beauty of it was that every year around Halloween you would receive in the mail next year’s Edition.  A clean slate.

Today, my life is on the smartphone but my hopes, dreams, projections and meals are in my Happy Planner.

It was August and I had a 50%, 40% and a 25% off entire purchase coupons for Michael’s.  They had a huge and inviting display of Happy Planners and I felt like I had gone back in time!  I purchased the planner, a meal and budget insert plus the hole punch.

But what in the world were all of these stickers, tape, stampers and embellishments for?  DayTimer never had these!

I listen and follow a lot of Resellers on YouTube.  It has become my ‘co-worker’ in a lonely day of reselling.  It wasn’t too long before I heard others saying they had bought one and showing off their creations designed with markers, tape and stickers.  Oh, they were beautiful but I was sticking to my New and Improved DayTimer look.

It wasn’t until SisterDay (another future blog, I promise) last week that I gave in and became a part of the Happy Planner craze.  My sister and I planned our weeks and began embellishing our pages!

I finally understand the real reason that women are buying a HappyPlanner!  It is a thing of beauty that is created by you.  I look at it in the middle of the day and it’s like a double shot of caffeine in my tea.  It encourages me to keep going, be better than I was yesterday ….. and start dinner!

Let me know if you liked this blog, you have ideas for future blogs or want to hear more about HappyPlanners.

If you have one, please feel free to share what you have been doing with yours.

If you have been enjoying this blog, I would be honored if you subscribed!


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