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Happy Planner Stickers for Ebay Resellers #2017FlipChallenge

It’s an idea for someone who is much more artistic than I am.

It’s  Friday and the day I get together with my Sister to plan for next week.  We get our Planners out, along with markers and stickers and decide what is really important to accomplish next week.

As I was laying everything out last night, it struck me that none of my stickers had anything to do with reselling. I also wondered how far someone could go, without infringing on copyrights and such.

I did go as far as Googling my need, preparing myself to order these items I imagined…they are not out there.

Gary Vanerchuk (#GaryVee) has put out a challenge to flip items, totalling $20,170 by the end of 2017.  There is even an Instagram for the #2017FlipChallenge!

Stickers to adorn my #HappyPlanner that would have GaryVee’s inspiring words, would be so awesome!  What about a #HappyPlanner Chart that would record our progress?  Add to that, a selection of common #reseller tasks and rants, such as deathpiles, sourcing, photographing, listing totals, managing sales, or ideas!

If it is already out there,  lead me to it.  If it’s not and you are not artistically challenged, perhaps this coud be your next money-making project.  If this is a terrible idea, tell me in the comments!


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