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Shopping Instead of Watching

The weekend has finally arrived!

The furniture is rearranged , the house is clean, the food is prepared, the table is decorated and you are READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!

Actually, you aren’t.  You are ready to see friends, eat more than you should, find a comfy spot on the couch, watch the overpriced advertisements and shop online.


A report done last year by Amazon said that 48% of those watching the Superbowl will have their phone out and shopping.  Spikes in traffic are during pregame, commercials and halftime.  If you guessed that people were buying game gear, you would be late to the party.  That was two weeks ago.

After reading the summary, my take was that people were shopping with their emotions.  Whether the advertisements were doing it or not, I have no idea.  If you are a reseller on platforms such as EBay, Etsy, Postmark and Instagram, keep this short list in mind while listing the next few days.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mardi Gra
  • Easter
  • Spring clothing and accessories
  • Cruise and Resort wear

I saw a lot of questions on whether or not to end one day auctions before, during or after the game but did not find any reliable data.  It is a bit of a risk, considering the extra fee you pay on EBay for short auctions.  If I had something worth a lot with a designer label, I would take a leap of faith.

As for me, my sister and two virtual assistants I am going to maximize all new listings from Friday morning until Sunday night.

Monday morning, I will ask who won, what the score was and were there any fashion faux pas during half-time show.


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Those Pesky Fees!

Fees are a part of every reseller’s journey.  There is no way to avoid them.  Just like you know the sun will come up tomorrow, you will see fees on almost every platform you choose to sell on.

Just so this blog post doesn’t become outdated in 30 days or so, I won’t spend much time on fee scales.  My feeling on escalating fees is much like my heat bill.  You know it will go up, you are being provided a service and you can’t live without them if you hope to remain in business.

Ebay has a monthly store fee that is dependent on the size of store.  There are listing fees If you don’t have a store, but there are always offers for waived listing fees.  There are also selling fees which are charged based on the type of item sold and cost.  Depending on when you started Ebay, they will be due in the middle or end of the month.

Etsy has a set per-listing fee, a percentage fee when you have sold and there are no store fees.  When you are printing out shipping, the fee will also be charged to your monthly invoice. You may pay your fees from your selling balance before funds are issued to your bank.

Amazon fees for selling books and CD’s are invoiced each week and subtracted from your earnings, before they issue funds to your bank.

Poshmark does not have a fee to list or have a store.  When you post a listing or consider an offer, the program tells you what your income is after fees.  Fees are taken out before you receive a credit in your account.

If you are selling on each of these platforms, you might spend more time figuring out how much you owe and when, than making up this week’s meal plan.  You might think that you will pay them on the due date with your earnings, which is great if no one (including you) gets sick, the car doesn’t have a funny sound coming from the engine or the gas bill is due.  I cannot emphasize how important it is to pay these fees because there are serious consequences such as not being able to list to losing your privilege to sell.

I read some advice on paying fees in an EBay support forum, and I thought it was a great answer to paying all these pesky fees.

Most of us sell a lot through the weekend then package and ship on Mondays.  After you have done this each week, pay your fees on every platform that night. Start with a Zero Balance on Tuesday night.  No more panic when the invoice comes due!

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The Holidays are Over…Time to Get To Work!

The longest holiday season of the year, October 31-January 1, is finally over.

If you are working for someone else, it’s a day of football and a paid day off.  If you are an entrepreneur reseller, it was a day to kick into high gear.

As a side-note, GaryVee posted on Instagram around 6am and I was proud to reply that I began listing at 5am.  There are too many opportunities to sleep in!

Here is what I did:

  • Finished the laundry, did the dishes showered.
  • Drafted 38 items.  They were mostly Career and Spring.
  • Took Pictures
  • They wouldn’t upload to Amazon Prime, so I drafted a few more.
  • Put all items that are holiday on deep discounted clearance with free shipping.  At this point, it is better that they are out of my house then store them another year.
  • The listings that had ended, I went through and changed titles with better keywords.
  • Accepting any reasonable offer.  It is too late to hope for high dollar.  People are looking for a deal.
  • Searched for all of my formal dresses purchased over the year.  This is the month that girls are looking for the perfect prom dress.  It is also a time when women are taking cruises where certains sections require formal wear.
  • Shared, liked and followed on various platforms.
  • Sitting on the couch, warm electric blanket, Lipton Natural Energy, filling out my Happy Planner and blogging.
  • 11 hours

I like the holidays, but after a while I just wish for things to go back to normal!


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Boxing Day – But with a Twist

For those in the UK and Canada, this day was actually yesterday, December 26th.  For resellers, this is the day to box up sales from Friday-Monday.  Listening to YouTube and looking at Instagram early this morning, the results are varied.  Some had the best weekend in a month, with sales starting around noon on Christmas Day.  Others said they should have gone on vacation because there is nothing to Box and Ship out!

This morning, I have 8 items to ship out.  I really didn’t know what to expect since I was actively selling only on Ebay last year.  I had not goal except to be grateful for each and every sale because it is a blessing to our family.

I felt that today would be a great time to explain the system I use to ship packages out.  Mine way is not special, it is a compilation of processes from other YouTubers that through trial and error, fit for me.

  • I load up each of my platforms (Ebay Store 1, Ebay Store 2, Etsy, Poshmark, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram) to the Orders Page, so that I have a full grasp of what today’s Boxing will entail.
  • I handwrite a “Thank You” card for each sale.  I thank them for their purchase, I describe the purchase, I ask them to contact me with any problems and I encourage them to give me feedback on their transaction.  By describing their item, they know I am taking the time out to personally thank them.
  • Feedback has two schools of thought, but I’m genuinely not afraid of what people will say.  Most platforms will remove feedback that is slanderous and without proof.  I have also gone back to the purchaser to work things out and they have changed the feedback.
  • I find each item that needs to be shipped out and carefully inspect each one last time.  I have found defects at the last-minute.  It is so much better to email your customer, explain the defect and ask them to decide on the outcome (Cancel, Discount or Send).  These tiny details can come back to haunt you and cost you time and money.
  • I choose an item, package it and place the Thank You card on top.
  • I do use tissue paper (NEVER with glitter, trust me!) for clothing, bubble wrap for hard goods as well as fragile ones.  I am very lucky as I have found a thrift shop that sells used, by the pound.  Ebay seems to have the best pricing for these items.  Try not to scrimp on this to save a buck.  Customers appreciate when they see the care you have taken to ship their purchase.
  • Do not seal the package yet!  Weigh it on your scale (I found a digital scale that goes to 12 pounds at a thrift store for $1.  Again, Ebay is your best bet)
  • I check each way this item can be shipped.  First Class, Fed Ex, Regional Priority, Flat Priority and Weight Priority. I provide free First Class or Fed Ex Smart post.  The other options are something a customer pays for.  Around holidays, I mark up prices a bit and just send them all priority.
  • I always use the platform’s shipping because it is usually discounted commercial.  I never mail without tracking.  There are many resellers that do and that is fine.  I have been marked on Ebay with late shipping, because the customer didn’t tell Ebay they had received the package.  Spend the $3.65 and forget the stamps.
  • After printing out the correct shipping label and attaching it to the package, I take one last look to make sure the item is packed properly, it is going to the right address and my Thank You note is on top.  I seal it, check it off the list and put it in the outgoing box.
  • I move on to the next item and repeat.  I’ve tried packaging several at a time, and it takes me longer because I am concerned it will go to the wrong person.  *Knock on Wood* it has not happened to me yet, but I have heard stories from other resellers.
  • IF you ordered USPS pickup, woke up early and had your packages ready before 8am…. Congratulations!  I usually have mine done before 10am and running them to the Post Office.  Just don’t wait until afternoon, thinking you might get another sale or you will be sending them out late.
  • A side note is that I generally have no noise in the background when I am getting orders ready to ship.  I used to and found I was distracted.  Whatever works great for you!

I hope this description has been some help if you are a reseller.  If you have ideas, please write a comment down below!  If you are interested in what we do, just search #JewelsForThePauper on Google.

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