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Moving Day!

Here in Central Illinois, we have had high humidity along with heat.  I prefer snow and cold compared to the sauna-like atmosphere.  You literally feel as if you are melting as you get into the car.

Yesterday we began moving into our new office.  We had spent the time, since we signed the lease last week, scrubbing, cleaning and planning where we would put furniture.

We had also hung a few items on the wall; bright colored materials, positive quotes and a few relics reminding us WHO was in control.

As the morning went on, it was not the physical act of moving, but the heat that wore us out.  Rome was not built in a day and neither would this job.

Currently, Jewels for the Pauper is physically in my home, in the new office and tomorrow will be in Michigan. It could be worse.  I’m not sure how…. bit it could be.

We did have a bit of fun while moving.  Photography props can be placed in the passenger seat and you can watch people’s reactions as they drive by :). Then there are the neighbors who look out their windows, wondering if I am moving out.  Hard to say what was funnier!

Tomorrow, I catch a train to Michigan for even more adventures.  Stay tuned!





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Moving On Up….To The South Side

It is time to take my relationship with my business to the next step.  I am moving it out of my home.

It was getting confusing.  Where did my business end and my house begin and vice versa.  I go to bed and can see the mannequin staring at me!  Visitors would wonder if I was a secret hoarder.  I am not sure what the mailman thought.

I will lose my two furry assistants, but they may be relieved when they get their pink slips.  I won’t be able to work in my pajamas (that was the BEST.)  I will have to venture out in the heat and the cold, four blocks away.

It’s just time to grow.  There will be a lot of room to do just that.

You enter through a terrace that has overgrown rose bushes and other perennials and on to a covered set of french doors.  This was what first attracted me to the office.  It does not face Main Street and is not a storefront.  I suppose later on, we could do some consignment business but that is far into the future.

As you walk in, the first room has a long countertop with cupboards underneath.  This will make the perfect packing and printing station.  Right now, we use 3 different rooms to pack and ship.

The next room will be the actual office.  It has only 1 window so I guess we’ll have to flip a coin to see who gets the desk in the corner next to that window.  The room is big enough to sort, measure, inventory, and enter information on the spreadsheets for the virtual assistants.

We have a large kitchen along with a beautiful bathroom/dressing room.  It is nice to have, but a bit extravagant.  I’m sure it will be much like the grand terrace, something we will use and utilize later.

Next, we have a large room without windows.  No more changing photo backgrounds and the mannequin looking at me while I sleep.  I believe I can have 4 stationary backgrounds.  I am imagining being able to move the tripod around the room and be able to take pictures so much faster and without having to adjust the lighting!

Last is the closet which is bigger than the bathroom.  The storage we have now will allow us to keep all of the inventory we have in one room (whew!)  There are metal shelves, but I have a feeling they will not be able to hold the weight of items we are storing.  We shall soon see.

Admittedly, being committed to monthly rent in addition to payroll is a bit daunting but I am not scared.  I have faith that as long as I have inventory, I am photographing, listing, weekend markdowns and offer priority shipping, that I will be able to meet those obligations.  I honestly don’t think I will make more than that for quite a while.

Jewels For The Pauper

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Now located at:

118 South Main Street

Corner of Green and Main

Farmer City, IL  61842


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#Reseller Appreciation Day #RAD

If you are a reseller and reading this with your morning coffee, you know that the reseller community has been totally rocked off course the past couple of weeks.   When it happened, I made it a point to not reference it in my blogs, postings or comments.  I have even avoided YouTube because I knew the gossip-rumor mill would be going into overtime.

Yesterday, Prof Sales and his wife Kaaren posted a fantastic video.  I strongly encourage every reseller to watch it.  It really cut through the negativity we have listened to the past few weeks and got to the real heart of what makes our community great.   We are human, we have feelings, we care about those we have never met before and we relate to the day to day struggles.

When was the last time you did more than just “punch the like button?”  Something like writing an encouraging comment, sending a DM or even an email can really give thanks to a sometimes thankless job.  Spreading love instead of hate is the basis to this exercise and I hope all resellers are doing this today!

My list in alphabetical order:

#Craigslisthunter – You were the first reseller I found on YouTube.  I cannot list all of the things I have learned from you.  I love your bird and your cat!!!

#LindeyGlenn – I related to you from your first video.  Living in a small town in Kansas, second marriage, wanting to be a SAHM are just a few.  Because of you, I began selling jeans and tried Health and Beauty.

#NicoleState – I admire your strength and drive to get things done.  You made the Algorithm understandable, I converted to charging shipping, I stayed away from hiring an in-house assistant and I got an office the same day you did!!!

#ProfSales – Talk about watching a huge transition!  I related to you from the beginning because you came from retail.  You can compute gross profit in your head and spend a lot of time tweeking your business for the maximum return. It really is all about the numbers!  Your wife, Kaaren takes “spunky” to a whole new level and for the better.

#ResellersStew – You ladies totally rock!  I learned the importance of networking.  I would not have a Happy Planner.  You made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the struggle of juggling family issues with my business.

#RockstarFlipper – You tell it like it is.  Your shows are so informative and you have a very cool car.  While I don’t aspire for that particular car, you have shown that with hard work, anything is possible.

#SeeAnnSave – You are such a woman of strength.  I saw your transition after your husband died and your struggles to continue in your business without him.  You keep it real through each video program

#TexasGalTreasures – Margaret, you literally open your heart and let everyone in.  You have made this journey very “real,” and “human.”  Earlier this week, Philly Nay said she received a 30# box of cloth from you.  Random Acts of Kindness keep us all in business.

#ThriftyBusiness – One of the first video’s I saw live was the Rally to help Nay with her breast cancer expenses.  This helped me to realize how much love was in the reseller community and how it could be extended and shown.  Sending money was just one way.  Sending Nay items to sell, auctioning off a high dollar item and sending the proceeds to her, gift cards and get well cards.

Seriously, there are so many more that I subscribe to and I could write a lot more but there is laundry to be done and another trip to get ready for.  Be sure to thank your fellow resellers and let them know how and why you appreciate them!



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Sourcing in Appleton, Wisconsin

99 cents a pound, 120 pounds of clothing with several hours of sourcing, ends with one question….

Will it all Fit?

We prepacked our luggage this afternoon, arranged the clothing (along with an IKEA office chair) and it appears we still have room for ourselves and a cooler.  I had a back up option of mailing the items home, but thank goodness it fits.

While sourcing in Wisconsin, we shopped in Illinois.  We’re picking up a TV and Futon up this weekend for the new office.  It looks like the moment we sign the lease, the place will be set up and ready for work by Monday.

Amazing to think that just 6 weeks ago, none of this was our immediate future.  God has a plan and I can’t wait to see what’s up next!!!



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Combining Business with Pleasure

We left our assistants, cats and husbands and hit the highway early this morning.  After a few bathroom breaks and numerous construction delays, we finally arrived at Paradise.

Paradise is an AirBnB located between OshKosh and Appleton, Wisconsin.  A renovated Queen Anne Attic Oasis amongst rolling hills, creeks and trees.  The view is incredible.

The sounds are soothing.  Chickens in a coop clucking, the slow moving creek hitting the rocks and the dairy cattle nearby make a relaxing symphony.


After a home cooked meal my sister and I collapsed on the couch.

Windows open, TV on, avoiding any notifications that remind us of work, we should be 100% for sourcing tomorrow.


After that, a beach calls our name…


Jewels for the Pauper

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Wisconsin – The Official Dairy Item – CHEESE!!

The Wisconsin Assembly, this week, approved a bill that would make CHEESE the official state Dairy Product.  Exciting?  Only if you like cheese and happen to be travelling to Wisconsin on Monday.

The only GoodWill Outlet in the state of Wisconsin is in Appleton, just north of OshKosh.  It has gotten very good reviews.  I am hoping the fact that it’s summertime that people will be attending garage sales, leaving prime inventory to sit at the regional GoodWills.

We found an AirBNB in Larsen, just south and west of Appleton.  A gorgous Victorian Farmhouse, in the middle of nowhere.  The hostess just messaged me about extra linens, food in the refrigerator and the keycode.  Big comfortable beds, comfy couch, wi-fi, trails and dirt roads give me a sense of total relaxation.

Lake Winnebago is not far and boasts 3 beaches.  I forsee a beach chair, sand between my toes and a Kindle Book included in this sourcing trip.

This trip couldn’t have come at a better time.  After Memorial Day and before July 4th.  Ebay Sales slow down (supposedly) and it’s time to focus (believe it or not) on 4th Quarter stock.  Time to source along with time to relax.

Stay Tuned for:

  • Moving into the new office on Main Street
  • 10 Day Family Cleanout
  • Deadwood and Mount Rushmore Trip
  • Going home to Kansas for my Birthday



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Inventory is Complete!

It looks nothing like the picture above, but it no longer looks like an episode of Hoarders, either.

It took 8 hours to empty all of the boxes, sort, change the labels on the boxes, store them in another room and binge watch THE OA.

I expected to find clothing I had forgotten, clothing that had defects and some mystery pieces.  None of that happened.  I am not sure if that means a have a telepathic memory, or I just got lucky.

What I do have is peace of mind and efficiency, which means a lot when growing this business.  I am constantly trying to find extra time, because I keep running out of it.

As I sit here this with my cup of tea and my Maine Coon kitty in my lap, I have had 2 sales.  It is a wonderful feeling because I know exactly where the items are!

Packaging sales and watching THE OA?  Thank you very much, I believe I will!



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