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All Aboard for the Train!

It is an age-old way to travel that many Americans today fail to take advantage of.  Many have forgotten it is even an option for them.

Here are some reasons I enjoy taking the train.

  • The expense one way is less than gasoline to get where you are going.  Forget about car rental, insurance and wear/ tear on your car.
  • Time.  How much is your time worth?  There is no stopping for gas or bathrooms.  The bathrooms are in each railroad car.
  • Again, how much is your time worth?  Instead of keeping your eyes in the road and focusing on the next construction area, you can be blogging, listing, texting, reading a good book; or, my absolute favorite: Sleeping.
  • Networking!  You meet people from all walks of life on a train and in the station.  They don’t force you to sit at all times.  Often, you will see groups of people standing around and talking.  There is a lounge or restaurant on each train which let’s you network with more than just a few people.
  • Scenery!  The train doesn’t take the same route as a car.  Often, you will find yourself in a forest of trees a field of crops, or a beach near the lake.  If you are in a major metropolitan area, you might find yourself several stories up.  The view is spectacular.
  • Weather generally does not affect the speed, schedule or even your interior climate.  No cars in the ditch in the winter and no stifling heat in the summer getting in and out of car.  The climate in a train generally remains the same throughout the year.

If you’ve never considered train travel, I hope you’ll look into it.  Imagine going somewhere you’ve never thought of, simply because there is a train route through there!  Imagine having the time to simply talk to people and decompress.

It is possible, when you travel by train.



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