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Real Men wear Jockey Nylon Briefs

Do I have your attention?  One of this week’s sales sure caught mine.  It’s one of those you laugh about with your girlfriends at lunch, instant message your husband at work, then wonder where you could find more.

I purchased these yellow and orange, synthetic, tight briefs around Christmas.  They lay in a tiny bin of women’s underwear that was priced for a quarter each.  I remembered a YouTube video that mentioned these were a BOLO.  However, I figured I would get home and find that these were the wrong brand.

So, they sat in my death pile until a few weeks ago.  Cash Money, lying in a bin, begging to be listed.  My sister (the one that sells her first item 24 hours after opening an EBay store.), took the pictures while I got the information ready for the virtual assistant.

The virtual assistant listed them on St. Valentine’s Day and by that evening I had some low ball offers.  I never thought, in my wildest dreams that I would be drinking my morning tea , and hear two Cha Chings in a row!

Let me re-word that.  I didn’t think I would sell vintage nylon underwear at full price within 24 hours of listing them.

So here’s to early morning sales of vintage nylon pastel underwear …. it makes you feel good all under.

Wait, wrong brand.


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Shopping Instead of Watching

The weekend has finally arrived!

The furniture is rearranged , the house is clean, the food is prepared, the table is decorated and you are READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!

Actually, you aren’t.  You are ready to see friends, eat more than you should, find a comfy spot on the couch, watch the overpriced advertisements and shop online.


A report done last year by Amazon said that 48% of those watching the Superbowl will have their phone out and shopping.  Spikes in traffic are during pregame, commercials and halftime.  If you guessed that people were buying game gear, you would be late to the party.  That was two weeks ago.

After reading the summary, my take was that people were shopping with their emotions.  Whether the advertisements were doing it or not, I have no idea.  If you are a reseller on platforms such as EBay, Etsy, Postmark and Instagram, keep this short list in mind while listing the next few days.

  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mardi Gra
  • Easter
  • Spring clothing and accessories
  • Cruise and Resort wear

I saw a lot of questions on whether or not to end one day auctions before, during or after the game but did not find any reliable data.  It is a bit of a risk, considering the extra fee you pay on EBay for short auctions.  If I had something worth a lot with a designer label, I would take a leap of faith.

As for me, my sister and two virtual assistants I am going to maximize all new listings from Friday morning until Sunday night.

Monday morning, I will ask who won, what the score was and were there any fashion faux pas during half-time show.


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Mail Increases and Effect on Free Shipping

Let’s start out with the facts.  This is from the USPS website:

USA Domestic Shipping:

  • Priority Mail Express – Overall rates will increase by 3.4%.
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate – All Priority Mail Express Flat Rate products will see an increase in pricing. Increases will vary depending on the type of product.
  • Priority Mail – Average increase of 3.9%.
  • Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes & Envelopes – Postage rates will increase across the board in 2017.
  • Priority Mail Regional Rate – Postage will increase for most Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes in 2017. No change in postage for a Regional Rate Box A going to Zone 5. Postage price will decrease by $0.49 for a Regional Rate Box A being shipped to Zone 8.
  • First Class Package Service – Overall rates will increase by 4.1%.
  • Parcel Select Ground – Rates will increase by 2.7%. Although, rates for some weight & zone groupings will actually decrease.

I wanted to give percentages because as resellers, we are paying different rates.  For instance with Ebay, an Above Standard seller will pay more than a Top Rated Seller, which will pay more than a Top Rated Plus Seller.  Etsy Sellers are affected, because the buyer will see the shipping charge when viewing your product.

I was thinking about how this will all affect a reseller as I was putting together my Amazon Pantry order (free ship if you bought from 5 subcategories) and Amazon Subscribe and Save (Free Prime Shipping and discounts with multiple items).  If the prices on these items increased from last month, I couldn’t tell.  The psychology of this for me is that my shipping was free and the more I purchased the more discounts I received.

I use this psychology with my own Ebay stores and feel pretty confident I will survive this latest increase in fees.

  • I am going to take the time to raise my prices on items by 10%.  The postage may have increased only 4%, but I do Buy It Now with Best Offer.  I want the leverage to take lower offers because of this increase.
  • I have sales that run through the month on items listed a month or more.  Generally it is 25%, so I will change it to 21%.  The Cassini algorithm (a mystery, but there is speculation) says that items are ranked higher when on sale 20%-25%, than those at 19% or lower.
  • I will have a promotion that says they will receive $5 off $50, $10 off $100, etc…. so that the more they buy, the more savings.  I recoup the loss through combined shipping.
  • I will continue to offer free economy shipping, with optional priority shipping at their expense.

I have watched several resellers decide that with this increase, they will add calculated shipping.  That is their business model and I respect them for it.  They sell different items than me as well.  I have tried to keep all items under 2# and this is probably the biggest reason I am able to continue FREE SHIPPING.

If you have questions or comments, I invite you to write them below.  If you have been enjoying my blogs, please send money….JOKE!  Hit that Subscribe Button….it is free!


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5 Easy Steps to Ship a Rockstar

According to a Vlogger, this particular title will exponentially grow traffic … we shall see!

It is Monday morning and it seems fitting to talk about shipping.  If you were fastidious, you packed it all last night.  I have convinced myself that I am more alert in the morning, so that is what I will be doing after this blog.

I am a free shipper.  Debating the pro’ s and con’s can be a subject that will be debated on a future blog. Because I do not charge shipping, it is imperative that I spend the least money possible to keep profits up.

Here are 5 tips to make this possible:

  1. Weigh and measure your item when you list it.  Do not guess!  Add 5-8 ounces for shipping supplies.
  2. Offer free Fed Ex smart Post.  Calculate what the price will be and add it into the price of the item.  I also offer Priority for an extra fee.  You are guaranteeing the item will arrive in 10 day and it is the cheapest rate for heavy items
  3. If the item is 16 ounces or less, ship it fist class. If the item is not going far, place it in a regional box, based on weight. If the item can fit into a priority flat rate envelope or a priority padded flat rate, it will probably be cheaper than the cost of Fed Ex Smart Post. If you end up shipping the item with any of these services, they have a shorter ship time and your customer will be pleasantly surprised by how quickly their order arrived !
  4. Recycled boxes are great to store items in, but not so much to ship your items.  You want this person to be a repeat customer and it does not look professional to receive a coat in a Dole Banana Box (true story).  Use a new box!
  5. Use tissue for clothing, bubble wrap for fragile items and air pillows to keep items from shifting or rattling.  Again, you need to look professional and the way their item ships will have a much more lasting impression than a glitzy webpage.

These are guidelines I have used for my businesses and I would love to hear from you!  What totally bombed?  What was da’ bomb?

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