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All Aboard!!

Train travel has not been the main mode of transportation since the 1800’s.  Many people have never ridden on a train, much less checked into travel rates.  Perhaps this blog will make you reconsider.  There are so many advantages to train travel that are often overlooked.  Here are just a few reasons to consider.

The cost of train travel is much less than booking a flight, no matter where in the continental United States you wish to go.  You can literally travel from Atlantic to Pacific and almost all points in between.  For instance, a flight from Central Illinois to Michigan’s capital is $330 round trip on a weekday.  The train is $95 round trip on a weekday.  This is a substantial savings!

Sightseeing is another plus.  You cannot see anything as you look out the windows of a plane; but, imagine the sites you can see while riding on a train.  Often, it takes a different route than your car would.  If you’re driving, you cannot take your eyes off the road.

Many times, the train will stop at a major hub allowing you to get out and stretch your legs.  If you have a layover, the train station is often a historical building with restaurants, bars and quiet waiting rooms,   All have places to lock up your luggage for up to 24 hours.

Speaking of luggage, you are not charged for two bags, under 50 lbs.  Most airlines charge you for anything other than carry on.  The savings can be substantial.

The comfort of the seats is superior than that of a plane or car.  Most recline all the way to a sleeping position and are much roomier.  There are sleeping cars for trans-continental travel.

Last is the ease of using your electronics.  Each seat has a fold out table in which to work or eat on.  Beside that are one or two outlets to plug-in and charge your electronic devices.  All trains have free public wifi.

If you’ve never taken a train to travel, I urge you to check it out for your next trip.  Besides all of the reasons listed above, think of how relaxing it would be.  While traveling to your destination, you’re able to see the sights, read a book or even take a nap.  Don’t try doing this the next time you drive!




nap.  Don’t try doing this the next time you drive!


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2 thoughts on “All Aboard!!

  1. Absolutely! What is the most beautiful train ride you’ve taken? I think the most beautiful ride I’ve been on is between Sarajevo and Mostar, but the most interesting ride was the Yangon Circle Train in Myanmar!


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