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Vacation Foe: Food Poisoning

Day 4 of our vacation to SW South Dakota

Do you remember  a 1950’s B-Rated Film Noir where a wife lures her husband to South Dakota for a vacation and tries several different ways to kill him?  She tried leaving him in the Badlands, pushing him off a mountain in the Black Hills, poisoning him in Keystone but he always survived?
Hold that thought while I tell you about yesterday.
Hotel Roy and the Merchantile now have running water!  Lynn, the owner, worked on it while we were gone and greated us with the great news.  she also invited us next door to her gorgeous  cabin to sit on the porch.  We knew about the story of Hotel Roy and the Merchantile, but what she showed us made it come alive and made it even more meaningful
When her husband was a small boy, he was given a train set with hand made buildings.  He became a home builder as well as a craftsman and decided to build full size replicas of them for when the family came.  He began this work of love and had it fully completed around 6 years ago.
Three years ago, he died unexpectedly and suddenly, leaving a family to grieve but this monument of love.  The widower decided to make her husband’s labor of love available for road weary travelers.  It is very remote.  I have not heard a vehicle besides our own, since we arrived.  Time passes very quickly as you look onto the vast mountainous horizon, hear only the birds and the needles of the trees sway back and forth.
We left early in the morning and headed to McDonald’s for free WiFi and breakfast before touring the Badlands.  It was a perfect day to go because it was so clear, and hot enough to keep the rattlesnakes in their holes.  It also slowed the prairie dogs down a bit so you could get better pictures.  You might say that as you ‘drive the loop’ around, that all there are is a bunch of rock formations.  However, not one is the same as they vary in colors, shape and size.  They do all have in common the horizontal lines that are from water levels over thousands of years.  Please note that takes a few hours to finish the loop around and there are only 2 bathroom stalls in one location.  Don’t blink or you will miss it.
We then headed to Keystone to zipline.  Yes, at 52 and 59 we are not swayed from doing things that are made more for the younger generation.  When we arrived, the only people we saw that were our age, had cameras in their hand and two feet firmly on the ground.  We bought a deal through Groupon for the steepest and longest available (800 ft) and in the end it was totally worth it.  It was exhilarating and wow, what a rush of adrenaline!! We purchased T-shirts proclaiming our feat and took pictures for proof.
After doing some research and debating, we decided on a German American restaurant in Hill City before driving the hour home.  There are only two items on the menu, an extensive German beer selection and several German deserts. I choose the spaetzel and he chose the steak.  All were delicious.  Since the restaurant is on the Main drag, we walked through some shops before the trek back home.
We tried to get to bed as early as we could since we were going on a tour the entire day and needed to leave by 6:00 am.  Unfortunately, my poor husband has been ‘double bucketing’ since 2am.  Today’s plans have changed, but I left a day open for unforceen events.
It is noon, my husband is able to keep some water down.  I contacted the tour company and they switched it to tomorrow.  I called the owner of the restaurant, as a courtesy, and she sounded very uninterested.  I have called the health department to register a complaint.  I realized today is Amazon Prime Day, I am reading a good book and looking at the gorgeous view.
It beats trying to remember the name of that movie starring Jane Mansfield.


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