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Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

It is Tuesday evening and the sun is about to set here in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  I’m sitting next to an open window in a comfy rocking chair, listening to the sounds of nature that I will never become bored of.  We have a chipmunk at the door, hoping that Mike will put some nuts on a tree trunk.

 What was looking like a day that would not be remembered fondly, turned into another spectacular day of our vacation.  After Mike spent most of the day doing what most folks do when they have food poisoning, he declared at 3:00 pm that he was better and wanted to see Spearfish Canyon.  So, he packed his camera, I mapped it on the GPS and we headed out.
The Spearfish Canyon Scenic Byway is only 5 minutes from where we are staying.  It took us about 45 minutes to drive the distance and end up in the town of Spearfish.
We took our time, as do most people driving through the canyon.  I believe there is a gathering with owners of 3 wheeled motorcycles nearby, because we followed 4 and saw several coming from the other direction.  There are several places to park on the side and take pictures.
Bridal Veil Falls seems to be the most talked about in the vacation guide for this canyon.  While it was beautiful to behold, I thought the area right before Little Crow Peak was better.  I was able to slowly step down from the road to Belle Fourche River.  I got into the cold and rushing river, sandals and all.  I seriously considered jumping rocks but felt that 40+ years since my last experience, expired all the luck I might have of not falling in again!
The town of Spearfish begins just as you exit federal lands.  We didn’t drive through it as our intended destination immediately on the right.
Perkins Restaurant was a godsend for us tonight.  Mike wasn’t sure what type food sounded good, he just knew he was hungry.  The bonus is their freshly made baked goods that you can order to take with you.
We leave at 6am tomorrow for Rapid City.  We booked a day-long tour of Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills, Custer State Park and Wind Cave National Park.  It seemed like a great way to see the sites, learn the history, take pictures and meet other tourists.  The entry fees, lunch and tourist trap stops are all included as well.
I am just thankful my husband is on the mend and there is a happy ending today


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