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#Reseller Appreciation Day #RAD

If you are a reseller and reading this with your morning coffee, you know that the reseller community has been totally rocked off course the past couple of weeks.   When it happened, I made it a point to not reference it in my blogs, postings or comments.  I have even avoided YouTube because I knew the gossip-rumor mill would be going into overtime.

Yesterday, Prof Sales and his wife Kaaren posted a fantastic video.  I strongly encourage every reseller to watch it.  It really cut through the negativity we have listened to the past few weeks and got to the real heart of what makes our community great.   We are human, we have feelings, we care about those we have never met before and we relate to the day to day struggles.

When was the last time you did more than just “punch the like button?”  Something like writing an encouraging comment, sending a DM or even an email can really give thanks to a sometimes thankless job.  Spreading love instead of hate is the basis to this exercise and I hope all resellers are doing this today!

My list in alphabetical order:

#Craigslisthunter – You were the first reseller I found on YouTube.  I cannot list all of the things I have learned from you.  I love your bird and your cat!!!

#LindeyGlenn – I related to you from your first video.  Living in a small town in Kansas, second marriage, wanting to be a SAHM are just a few.  Because of you, I began selling jeans and tried Health and Beauty.

#NicoleState – I admire your strength and drive to get things done.  You made the Algorithm understandable, I converted to charging shipping, I stayed away from hiring an in-house assistant and I got an office the same day you did!!!

#ProfSales – Talk about watching a huge transition!  I related to you from the beginning because you came from retail.  You can compute gross profit in your head and spend a lot of time tweeking your business for the maximum return. It really is all about the numbers!  Your wife, Kaaren takes “spunky” to a whole new level and for the better.

#ResellersStew – You ladies totally rock!  I learned the importance of networking.  I would not have a Happy Planner.  You made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the struggle of juggling family issues with my business.

#RockstarFlipper – You tell it like it is.  Your shows are so informative and you have a very cool car.  While I don’t aspire for that particular car, you have shown that with hard work, anything is possible.

#SeeAnnSave – You are such a woman of strength.  I saw your transition after your husband died and your struggles to continue in your business without him.  You keep it real through each video program

#TexasGalTreasures – Margaret, you literally open your heart and let everyone in.  You have made this journey very “real,” and “human.”  Earlier this week, Philly Nay said she received a 30# box of cloth from you.  Random Acts of Kindness keep us all in business.

#ThriftyBusiness – One of the first video’s I saw live was the Rally to help Nay with her breast cancer expenses.  This helped me to realize how much love was in the reseller community and how it could be extended and shown.  Sending money was just one way.  Sending Nay items to sell, auctioning off a high dollar item and sending the proceeds to her, gift cards and get well cards.

Seriously, there are so many more that I subscribe to and I could write a lot more but there is laundry to be done and another trip to get ready for.  Be sure to thank your fellow resellers and let them know how and why you appreciate them!



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"If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be here today...." You hear that said a lot when someone is fulfilling an ambition they've had for years but never thought to act on it. I have been a full time reseller for a year. There have been ups, downs and a huge learning curve for me. Once I got a hang on the selling platforms, I explored other social media and ecommerce options. Currently, #JewelsForThePauper is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now BlogSpot. I have had this ambition, I knew I would be able to act on it at the right time. I feel so grateful to be able to do something I enjoy, be my own boss and bring in extra cash for our household. I am not sure where this blog is going to "go," but you have to have a start and today is the day!

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