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TJMaxx & Plato’s Closet

This BOLO is very time sensitive.  While it won’t be news to my world-wide followers on Instagram, it might be for my regional followers on Facebook.

For the last couple of weeks, YouTube and Instagram have been blowing up with haul videos and outrageous finds.  Since I was going to be in my closest metropolitan area yesterday, I decided to follow-up.

The first is T.J. Maxx is having a Yellow Tag clearance sale.  I believe it happens twice a year and it is the lowest mark down.  The ‘rumours’ I had heard were true.

One example was Prom Dresses.  They had one circular rack with around 50 in different lengths and styles.

I was very close to purchasing a gorgeous chrome halter gown from Laundry by Shelli Segal.  The retail price was $525 and it was marked down to $17.  The dress was in mint condition, the tags were crisp and all there.

I did not buy it because it was a size 6. I focus on larger sizes 14-26w.  There was only one that fit the bill but it had fraying on the hem and missing the original tags.  It was $295 down to $5.00.

Plato’s Closet is having their twice a year clearance.  When I was there yesterday, prices were 70% off.  Saturday, they will be 90% off!

Much to my delight, they had several Plus Size items New With Tags.  They also had a lot of shoes 9-12 sizes.  The best part is that you did not have to go through every rack in the store.  All of their clearance was in the front of the store and on separate racks.  What a concept!

I purchased two items.  The first was Levi’s 580 Tall and Curvy Boot cut in dark blue.  It was New With Tags 18W with an MSRP $54.99 and I bought them for $4.00.  Comps on EBay are $50 so I will price mine at $45 free ship.

The second was not new with tags, but is trending.  It is a jumpsuit by Toxik3 in a size 3X.  It is a button up floral, with straps and ruffles and elastic ankles.  I purchased this for $4.  There are no comps on EBay in Plus Size so I will list it at $40 free ship with best offer.

Let me know if you also went and what you found in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

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