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I Need Some Assistance, Please!

*Warning – This is not a ‘How to’ Blog.  It is my thought process as I wade through the waters, in search of the Perfect Virtual Assistant.

In a previous life, I was a manager.  I’ve done interviews, hired, trained and fire until finding The Perfect Assistant.  Later, I found it was possible to have 2 that could fit the bill in different situations, knowing what their strengths and abilities were.

In this current life, I am a reseller, sourcer, photographer, lister, shipper, social media agent and everything else.  I am the owner that works from 4:30am – 6:00pm.

This morning, I am looking at boxes of clothing to sort, others that need to be drafted, a small box of consignment, even more to be photographed and a few that need to be stored.

I am not overwhelmed, I am realistic.  I have gone as far as I can and have reached my limit.  Either I find more hours in a day or I find The Perfect Virtual Assistant.

I knew this before the holidays and felt it important to hire someone I knew.  I live in a rural community where your last name can be a resume.  I reached out to close friends for assistance in this search and realized that two things.

First, I would be spending a lot of time training.  Second, the hours per week I need help are not consistent and I would be trying to work around someone else’s schedule.  Last, if this doesn’t work out, there might be very hurt feelings and I am not willing to risk a relationship on this!

My next step was Fiverr.  What a great place this is!  You have amazing people from all over the world, willing to do short jobs for $5!  Each person had an ala carte menu of tasks they could perform for higher prices.

I put a job post up, explaining I needed someone to list drafts for me.  My posts were rejected for being too complex!  I soon realized (perhaps I am wrong) that I had walked into a fast food joint expecting a steak dinner and a french speaking waiter.

My next stop was YouTube.  It’s hard to say if I love it more than Google, but in this situation, YouTube had my attention.  Believe me when I tell you, that most resellers are going through the same situation and if a person was inclined, they could be a virtual assistant to the YouTube Reseller Stars!

There was one company whose name kept popping up and that was UpWork.  Thankfully a YouTube reseller had a step by step video on how to navigate the site and post a job.  Within a half hour, it was posted and I had applicants.  You can even invite people to apply after reading their resume.

This is where I need to stop the process and say something about the pool of candidates.  Initially, I was determined to hire an American Worker because of my feelings of outsourcing to different countries.  But there was a stark contrast between American, Phillopeno and Indian proposals.

This is an overall generalization.  American workers demanded 20+ hours a week at between $15-20/hr with no list ing guarantee per hour.  At that price, I would need them to list 20 per hour and I am not that good even after 2 cans of RedBull!

The Filipino applicants were all women, they had a mastery of the English language, some had done Ebay listings before and all were excited about the prospect of listing on Etsy and Poshmark.  There were no minimum weekly hour demands and their prices ranged from $2-5/hour.  Another huge plus is the time difference.  About 3 hours after I finish working, they begin which would mean that I could wake up and have 50 fresh listings!

The applicants from India were all men and had a pretty good grasp of the English language.  Their prices stood ar $5/hour with no minimal hours per week and had experience in listing. Here is what separated them from the Filipino and American worker ….

Three different applicants literally took my business name and did a search of my sites.  Creepy?  No, because it is exactly the kind of research I would do before applying.  While sitting on my couch last night at 8pm, each was instant messaging me on my Facebook business site letting me know that they had applied.  Further they explained what they could do to improve my listings, titles, and improve my algorithm standing.  One told me he was with an agency and what the upside was with going that route.

I plan on interviewing everyone on Thursday and deciding on Friday.

I would love to hear if you enjoyed this blog, if you are struggling to find a virtual assistant or have found The Perfect One.

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