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Are you Hustling or Hoarding?

If you have been a reseller for a while, you have probably had one well-meaning friend or family member take you to the side and try to do an intervention.  If you haven’t told this person what you really do or if you have and they don’t understand it, cut them some slack.

Maybe you should truly look at your storage areas, rooms, shed, unit or warehouse and assess.  You can conclude one of two things; you are a smart reseller or you need to attend your first meeting of Hoarder’s Anonymous.

This subject can be a rather touchy one in the reselling community so I want to put a disclaimer out there that this is my opinion.  My opinion comes from being a reseller myself as well as growing up with hoarding.

  1. If you are spending the majority of your reselling time sourcing, you may be a hoarder.  If you are sourcing when you have plenty to craft from or sell outright, it may be time to go on a sourcing sabbatical.
  2. If you have boxes of product and you have no idea what is in them; or, you sell something and you have no idea where it is, you are not a hoarder.  You are disorganized.  Take a few days off, inventory what has been listed and make a pile of items that haven’t.
  3. If you are sourcing for a future season because you are a dollar clearance sale, you are not a hoarder.  You are planning ahead for your business and maximizing gross profit.
  4. If you are paying for a storage unit (s), can’t have guests stay in the guest rooms, boxes piled in every corner of space and are not actively listing, you are a hoarder.  Items do not sell from a box.  There is a lady on the west coast that would love those size 6 Doc Marten’s you purchased for a dollar, but she will never know because she can’t see what is in that box!
  5. If you are buying clothing or accessories that you or your family would not wear in public, you may be hoarding or just impatient.  Not everyone will agree with me but, sort through the items and throw away anything that is worn out, has holes, stains or extreme fading.  Please do not donate to a non-profit unless you would be willing to pass them on to a good friend.

Resellers are not perfect.  We all probably have a bit of hoarding in our past, present and future.

Sometimes our Hustle is really Hoarding behind closed doors.  If so, forgive yourself, assess your inventory, take a sourcing sabbatical and spend every spare moment listing.  You will feel so much better, your bank account will get fatter while your piles get slimmer, and you can proudly say that you are a Hustler, not a Hoarder.

If you have comments or ideas, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below.

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