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Setting Goals instead of Making Resolutions

10 DAYS UNTIL 2017

Resolutions have not always worked well for me.  For instance Quit smoking, Quit Drinking, Lose Weight, Join a Gym and the list goes on.  I did do all of those, but quit the gym and gained back the weight.  Today, I just resolve to be grateful for what I have and what I will be allowed to receive.
I began my reselling venture a few years ago on Facebook to make some extra money.  It branched out to Ebay about 15 months ago, Amazon  12 months ago, Etsy 8 months ago and Poshmark 2 months ago.
It wasn’t until 2 months ago that I began to get serious with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now a blog!  I have to thank many resellers on YouTube for giving me ideas on how to proceed.
My Goals for 2017:
  • Double my income – I am not sure if in my future blogs I will discuss my total income for the week, month or year.  But I will talk about how close I am to reaching this goal.
  • Utilizing my Happy Planner – I have it, I used it, I stopped using it then I used it!  I will clean my desk off so that it is front and center.  I have way too much going on to go without!
  • Expand my knowledge on Social Media – I’ve got a good grasp of Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.  I want to SnapChat, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live (?) to utilize all forms.
  • I need a virtual assistant – I am on the hunt because I know that I can’t do all of this at full speed.  I am looking at people I know, and not coming up with a thing.  I am uncomfortable using a stranger.  It’s a goal, none the less.
  • I need to be more familiar with my tablet and phone – I am a desktop lister.  Unfortunately, Poshmark, Instagram, etc are not compatable with the dinosaur.
  • Learn how to utilize keywords in titles – I am cheap and don’t want to purchase a program for that.  It’s trial and error.  It’s changing the titles after a month if it isn’t selling, simple as that.
  • Increase my average sale price per item – The only way to do that is bundle, donate or purge.  After that, be picky about what I source to sell.
  • No More Death Piles – I am absolutely serious about this.  I have boxes of stuff to list.  I have managed to keep my goal of listing anything I have gotten, within a week.  It’s all the stuff I got, before I made that goal that is the problem.
  • Really be commited to putting content out there that people want to see and read that is helpful and on a timely basis.  There are millions of bloggers out there.  I have no idea how many experienced resellers there are!  Over 50 and empty nester, living in a small midwest that loves cats?  Maybe that’s a bit too detailed. But what would make my Blog special?  Perhaps the goal is to answer that question.
If you’ve just arrived to my blog – Welcome!  I just got here myself.  If you are a reseller, how did you find me?  Average Joe that read the content and has a constructive opinion, would love to hear it!
Where items are Fit for a Queen
Priced for the Pauper
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"If someone would have told me 10 years ago that I would be here today...." You hear that said a lot when someone is fulfilling an ambition they've had for years but never thought to act on it. I have been a full time reseller for a year. There have been ups, downs and a huge learning curve for me. Once I got a hang on the selling platforms, I explored other social media and ecommerce options. Currently, #JewelsForThePauper is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and now BlogSpot. I have had this ambition, I knew I would be able to act on it at the right time. I feel so grateful to be able to do something I enjoy, be my own boss and bring in extra cash for our household. I am not sure where this blog is going to "go," but you have to have a start and today is the day!

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